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We are now carrying exciting new electrified units from Greenger Powersports! They produced the first officially licensed electrified Honda CRF dirt bike and offer high standards of quality! Their product range starts with the Saddleback 12 & 16 electric balance bikes, a range of e-bikes to the G3 110 size pit bikes, and power stations!
Electric Balance Bikes
    Saddleback 12 - $749
    Saddleback 16 - $949 ​
    Destination: $40​​

Today, Saddleback is a destination for families and outdoor enthusiast of all kinds. Blending electronics, easy to use features, and proven engineering to create a fun training tool for young kids looking to explore the outdoors.



​Battery Warranty: 2 Years ​​
Greenger Powersports G3 Electric Dirt Bike 

​Destination Charge $200.00 per unit
Freight Charge $100.00 per unit

Ride where you want when you want. Legally and safely of course…Ride for hours with the LG 72v swappable battery. Grab a spare battery and 8Ah quick charger, the ride continues as fast as you can swap batteries. Run out of time to convert a steel frame bike into the ride you want?

The G3 has a 300lb max weight aluminum twin-spar frame and 6kW motor to ensure it moves at the speed you need. Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes, need those for power slides, we mean for proper braking. Built for riders new and experienced we included 3 speed stages to choose from; Stage 1 18mph, Stage 2 32mph, Stage 3 50mph max speed. This is unlike the bike we grew up riding. This is the bike we wish we grew up riding!

​Electric Motor:
72V-BLDC Motor with inner motor

Wheel Base:

Seat Height:

Ground Clearance:

62.62″L x 29.53″w x 37.2″H

Max Power:

Top Speed:
47MPH (76KM/h)


Charging Time 100%:
Standard: 3.5 Hours, Quick Charge: 2.4 Hours

Charging Time 80%:
Standard: 2.8 Hours, Quick Charge: 1.9 Hours

Drive Mode:
Stage1: 15mph (24km/h), Stage 2: 30mph (48km/h), Stage 3: 47mph (76km/h)

Run Time:
Ideal conditions, full charge: Stage 1: 5hrs, Stage 2: 1.8hr, Stage 3: 0.48hrs

Suspension Travel Front/Rear

Front/Rear Tires:
60/100-14″, 80/100-12″

Disc Brake:
Front Brake: φ220mm, Rear Brake: φ190mm​​​​​